Feast of Saint Anthony

annually in June

Feast of Saint Gabriel 

August 20-21, 2016

Advisory Board

Promotion Center for Little Italy, Baltimore began with an idea in November 2009 and was established by January 2010. With a board of advisors and a volunteer director, this nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization has gained strength and a strong reputation in Baltimore's Italian community as it promotes Little Italy as a neighborhood, along with its events, bocce leagues, Italian Catholic parish, cultural learning center, Sons of Italy lodge, neighborhood associations, restaurants, services and businesses..

Gianni Andracchio

2016-elected president

Co-creator of mi.o -

Ray Alcaraz

past president 2010-2016

Editorial Advisor Neighborhood News; native of Little Italy; 

Christina Barbieri


for Pandola Learning Center, St. Leo's Church, Little Italy Lodge

Darryl Campbell

Campus Director

Stratford University, Little Italy

Mary Ann Cricchio

Da Mimmo Restaurant proprietor; Little Italy resident; tour guide for trips to Amalfi Coast, Italy

Matt Daddio

Little Italy resident


Doug Kendzierski

Deacon at Saint Leo's

Professor/Chair Applied Technology: School of Applied & Information Technology at CCBC

Rosalinda Mannetta

Italian instructor,

Pandola Learning Center; Little Italy resident (not pictured)

Lou Mazzulli

Little Italy business owner

Disability Support Services

Suzanna Molino


author of Baltimore's Little Italy; Editor Neighborhood News

PJ O'Neill

Little Italy Property Owners Association; Italian Instructor, Pandola Learning Center; Little Italy resident

Mike Renaud

Account and Transitional Business Manager

 Business Manager with Toshiba - Unison Business Solutions; Little Italy resident.

Rosalie Ranieri

Principal, Pandola Learning Center

Craig Ross
(not pictured) 
Little Italy Film Fest manager and events volunteer


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